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Why choose Rok


1. Fast approval: Typical borrowers receive their funding in 1 – 3 days.
2. Business loans between $20K and $5 million for all industries.
3. Competitive: We can find you more and better offers from our 70+ lenders who bid for your business loan.
4. Work with 1 dedicated financing advisor who helps identify which offer is best for you.
5. Your business can be located anywhere in the USA because we assist businesses nationwide.
6. No real estate collateral is required for most of our programs.
7. Flexible terms: 6 months to 20 years depending on program.
8. Streamlined and simplified application process with limited paperwork.
9. We provide full assistance with your application.
10. Customized financing to fit you and your business needs.

Why choose us

At Rok Financial, we come to work each day with one simple goal – provide an easy and fast path to business financing. Every business is different and has a unique need. We listen carefully to YOUR story before we connect you with more than 70 lenders to find the best option for your need. We understand your time is valuable, therefore we developed a streamlined application process with limited paperwork, quick approval, and fast funding.

Rok Financial employs a team of more than 30 employees who genuinely care about you and your business.

Business is a journey best traveled with strong partners. We welcome the opportunity to build a relationship with you and finance your journey to success.

Financing Options

Term Loans
Expand your business, make large purchases or other investments
Great rates
Apply for more when needed
6 months – 20 year terms
$20 000 – $5 Million

Small Business Loans
No minimum FICO

Line of Credit
Access to ongoing funds when you need it
Manage cash flow
Buy inventory
Cover unexpected expenses
Only pay interest on your active balance

Equipment Financing
Purchase a specific piece of equipment for your business
Expansion projects or large purchases

Accounts Receivable / AR Financing
Leverage accounts receivables to establish a line of credit that can be used immediately
Manage cash flow gaps
Without ever alerting your customers

Franchise Financing
Specialized financing options for franchisees
Use for inventory, new locations or other investments

Asset Based Loans
Leverage real estate or equipment to access funding
Expansion projects, large purchases or other investments
$20 000 – $5 Million

SBA Loans
Government funding with fintech speed
Express options up to $5 Million

Merchant Cash Advance
Utilize future sales
Flexible financing option
No collateral required

Looking for a large business loan? Where most lenders are capped at $250K, we can assist with applications up to $50 million.


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